• Rev. John Samuel


Never before have we as the church come to such a time as this. God is radically at work in people’s lives and the implications for us as a church are beyond our comprehension. In the midst of the economic down turn in our society, many people are struggling with personal relationships; they’re looking for answers; they’re searching for the Lord…and they are finding Him here at Harvest International Church! The church that we become in the future will be shaped by how we respond to the questions of today. I sincerely believe this can be the church’s greatest time in history. We must make the necessary plans and preparations for the future growth of our church family. The timing is critical and the window is small. God has blessed us with a tremendous opportunity, and we need to act on it now. It is time for each of us to make a personal investment to help reach thousands of people for Christ in Philadelphia and beyond. Join with me, as we become a part of something much bigger than all of us!